How Do You Last Longer and Keep Your Sexual Life Healthy and Positive?

It is the basic nature of human beings to be dissatisfied with what they have. Now this sense of dissatisfaction is applicable from what we eat, to what we earn and also about the duration of time spent in making love. No wonder that the first question that men go around asking their friends and close folks is, “How do you last longer”? Though it seems a bit of a vague question to ask, yet when the question is raised amongst a group of men, it is totally understood that the actual connotation of the above query is – how do you last longer in bed.Why do you want to last long?There are different types of men in this Universe, and each type has a different attitude towards sex and love making. While the majority consider sex and love making as a symbol of their masculinity, only a very few men actually look at sex in a healthy manner.What is Sex in the real sense?Sex is not about proving your masculinity or proving your supremacy in bed. Men who have such conceptions about love making are seriously mistaken, and are propagating one of the most popular sex myths.Sex and love making is not a one man-show. It is a union between 2 sexual partners, and has to be considered that way to keep the love making sessions healthy and natural. Any other attitude towards sex is going to lead to many different sexual and emotional issues for both partners.How do you last longer in a healthy manner?Wanting to know the answer or solution to the query – How do you last longer; is definitely appreciated and commendable. But the only criterion is to keep the basic target behind finding the answer to be healthy and normal.What is the normal range?If you want to know how to last longer in bed, and you mean lasting for 2 hours at a stretch; then that is utter foolishness. This is because the normal duration between actual penetration of the vagina by the penis, and ejaculation of semen; is some where between 3 and 10 minutes.What are the other criteria for early climax, other than time taken for ejaculation?Many sexologists would like to differ on the exact definition of early climax. They believe that rather than considering the time for ejaculation, it is better to consider the circumstances of ejaculation.This means that climax in men should be considered as early, only when the man ejaculates before his sexual partner is satisfied or experiences an orgasm.What solutions are available for men to last longer?After looking at the above description, if you still believe that you truly suffer from premature or early climax, then there are a variety of solutions to help you last longer in bed.If you feel that hypnotic or counseling sessions can help you, then you can very well consult an expert professional, who will be capable of guiding you further.If there is a tangible cause for your premature ejaculation, like for instance an underlying chronic disease like infection of the Urinary tract, Diabetes or Prostatitis, then you can last longer in bed by treating the cause.Make sure that you are really suffering from early climax, before you search for solutions to last longer in bed.